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Bocian Jewelers

BHJ-10KW Dancing Diamond Round Earring Studs 0.10ctw

Dancing Diamond Studs - SKU G2281/E

10k White Gold Dancing Diamond Studs

Experience the epitome of elegance with our Dancing Diamond Studs, crafted from 10k white gold. These round earrings feature a dazzling diamond in the center, uniquely set with a pivot setting, ensuring they are always shimmering and in motion.

SKU: G2281/E

Each earring boasts a 0.05ct diamond, contributing to a total of 0.10ct for the pair. Designed and meticulously crafted in Canada with pride, these studs are made with genuine Canadian gold.

Embrace the dynamic beauty of these dancing diamonds, a perfect accessory for any occasion, showcasing the harmony of precision craftsmanship and timeless style.