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10KT Tri-Tone Oval Pendant with Rose

10kt Tricolor Rose Flower Pendant

10kt Tricolor Rose Flower Pendant

Delight in the natural beauty of this 10kt rose flower pendant, elegantly framed in an oval design. Crafted from a harmonious blend of yellow, rose, and white gold, this pendant measures 12.75mm in width and 23mm in height, including the bail.

The intricate rose design showcases the artistry of fine jewelry, while the tricolor gold adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to this piece. It's a symbol of love, grace, and everlasting beauty.

Wear this pendant with pride as a reflection of your appreciation for nature's wonders and fine craftsmanship. It's a stunning addition to your jewelry collection and a perfect gift for someone special.

This tricolor rose flower pendant is a timeless representation of elegance and love.