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COR-14KY/W 3-Diamond Ring Pear&Rounds 1.5TDW LGD -VS1 E center- SI sides

Modern 3-Stone Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Elegant 3-Stone Engagement Ring

Introducing our exquisite modern 3-stone engagement ring, a true symbol of love and commitment.

Ring Details:

    • Material: 14kt Yellow and White Gold

    • Total Diamond Weight: 1.5 carats

Center Diamond:

    • Shape: Pear

    • Carat Weight: 1 carat

    • Clarity: VS1

    • Color: E

Side Diamonds:

    • Shape: Round

    • Carat Weight (each): 0.25 carats

    • Clarity: SI

This stunning ring combines the timeless beauty of a pear-shaped lab-grown diamond with the brilliance of two round lab-grown diamonds on each side.

Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds:

    • Environmentally Friendly: Lab-grown diamonds are created sustainably, reducing the impact on the environment.

    • Conflict-Free: They are ethically sourced, promoting responsible and ethical choices in jewelry.

    • Exceptional Quality: Lab-grown diamonds offer the same exceptional quality and beauty as natural diamonds.

Celebrate your love with this exquisite and responsible choice.