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COR-10KW Dainty Engagement Ring 0.045tdw

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<title>Dainty Diamond Engagement Ring in 10k White Gold</title>
<h1>Dainty Diamond Engagement Ring</h1>
<p>Celebrate your love with this enchanting dainty diamond engagement ring. Exquisitely designed in certified Canadian 10k white gold, it features a delicate arrangement of diamonds with a total diamond weight of 0.045 carats (tdw).</p>

<h2>Product Details:</h2>
<li>Material: Certified Canadian 10k White Gold</li>
<li>Total Diamond Weight: 0.045 carats (tdw)</li>

<p>This ring's timeless elegance and simplicity make it a perfect choice for symbolizing your commitment and enduring love. Crafted with care and precision, it will capture hearts for a lifetime.</p>

**Wedding band shown on picture is available to order, not included in price**