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Bocian Jewelers

10KT Two-Tone Figaro Gold Chain

Length: 18

Price:  $ 759.99 
Out of Stock

Length: 20

Price:  $ 899.99 
Out of Stock

Length: 22

Price:  $ 1,045.00 
Out of Stock

Length: 24

Price:  $ 1,192.00 
Out of Stock

10kt, 2 Tone Figaro 3+1 Link Solid Chain

This exquisite chain features a 10kt gold composition with a 2-tone design, combining classic yellow gold
with elegant white gold details. The Figaro style presents a 3+1 link pattern, creating a visually
appealing and timeless piece of jewelry.

The chain is 3.3mm wide, providing a perfect balance between sophistication and subtlety. Each link is
meticulously crafted with attention to detail, showcasing the beauty of white gold accents that enhance
its overall allure.

Available in various lengths, this chain offers versatility to suit different preferences and styles. Whether
you prefer a shorter length for a subtle look or a longer length for a bold statement, the 10kt, 2 Tone
Figaro Chain is a versatile accessory for any occasion.