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10K White Gold Box Link Chain 18"

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<title>10kt White Gold Box Chain</title>
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<h1>10kt White Gold Box Chain</h1>

<p>Elevate your elegance with our stunning 10kt White Gold Box Chain. This chain features a sleek and
sophisticated design, crafted from high-quality white gold for a timeless appeal. With a thickness of
0.8mm, it strikes the perfect balance between delicate and durable.</p>

<p>The 18-inch length makes it a versatile accessory, suitable for various necklines and occasions. Whether
worn alone for a minimalist look or paired with a pendant, this box chain adds a touch of refinement to
any ensemble.</p>

<p>Indulge in the brilliance of white gold and the classic box chain style with this exquisite piece. Make a
statement of sophistication with every wear.</p>

<p><strong>SKU:</strong> 053WBOX</p>