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    • $1,999.00
      Stunning Diamond Solitaire Ring, holding a 1/2 carat Round Center Diamond and accents on the shoulders. The Total Diamond Weight is 0.70CT  Lab-Grown Lab-created diamonds and earth-created diamonds offer identical optical and chemical composition. The sparkle is the same - the core difference between them is their origin.
    • $429.95
      Rose Gold & Diamonds Ring,  Made By Canadians geometric diamond ring, using 10 karat Truly Canadian Certified Gold. .065 TW, Size: 6 JVJ2933  
    • $75.00
      Hillberg & Berk. Hand-placed crystals in aurora borealis, light amethyst, light sapphire, peridot, jonquil, light rose, and rose recreate the colourful, refracted light of a prism. A special Sparkle Ball™ to represent the diverse array of people in our lives. Created in celebration of Pride, and proudly supporting the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity.
    • $139.00
      PA5645-16-YCZ Although adventures may take you far, the ASTRA Anchor charm connects you to all that keeps you strong. A gift for someone in the midst of a storm, ASTRA anchor holds calm strength, reminding you that this too, shall pass. 16mm round shape silver pendant 16'' + 3'' extension silver chain
    • $139.00
      PA5135-16-ROCZ ASTRA Autumn captures the delicate beauty of the curling fern frond. As the seasons change, we can rest and reflect – represented by the gentle sparkle of the stones within the pendant. Autumn is a time of inward and outward change, just as the trees shed their leaves, you too can shed your old ways and prepare for a new beginning! 16mm round shape silver pendant 16'' + 3'' extension silver chain
    • $169.00
      P4187-ROCZ Cupid’s bow has struck its target! Falling in love inspires us to be all that we can be for our beloved. ASTRA Be Mine celebrates romance with a cheeky cupid who dances with his shining bow above moving stones that represent hearts sparkling with love. Whether you are in love or looking, ASTRA Be Mine is yours to have and to hold. 20mm round shape silver pendant 16'' + 3'' extension silver chain
    • $159.00
      P4692MG-EMSPHZI The emeralds and blues in ASTRA Berlin glitter with the same vibrancy as the 24-hour feast of culture in Germany’s capital city. With busy days and gritty nights, Berlin is the fast paced, uber- smart and super-hip haven of artists from around the world – take a beautiful token of Berlin with ASTRA Berlin. Round shape - 20mm Chain length - 16''+3 extension yellow gold plated